Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Walk around Kudanshita (Part 1) / 九段下の散歩 (パート1)

Last month after eating at curry at Zaza in Sangenjaya, I was headed off to walk around the neighborhood of Kudanshita. There are two popular sites near this station - the often controverisal Yasukuni Shrine and popular concert venue Budokan.


It's a long walk to the actual shrine / 靖国神社までの距離は結構長い

Getting closer to the shrine / 神社に近付いてます

A short history of the Otori / 大鳥居の説明

Another view of the torii / 別の角度で見える鳥居

Original site of the first torii / 第一鳥居

Water offering to the war dead memorial / 慰霊の泉 ~戦犯者に水を捧げる母の像~

Bronze statue of Vice Minister of War - Omura Masujiro

I can see the shrine! / やっと神社が見えてきた

Before heading to the actual shrine, there were these two large lamp posts with these incredible bas-reliefs on near the base.


To be continued...


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