Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sancha Curry [Zaza] / 三茶カリー 「Zaza」

Although I've been living in the same neighborhood for the past fifteen years, it wasn't until last month when I finally decided to try this curry shop in my neighborhood. It's been in business every since I moved here and yet, I can't believe I never tried it. Of course, its more of a bar than a curry shop, but as they heavily advertise their curry, it was time to check it out. There are only 3 curries to choose from - chicken, pork, and dry. I decided to try their pork curry.


Looking back at the menu, I think it was the chicken curry that was the most popular. The pork wasn't bad. It was nice and spicy and is blended with red wine (it says so on the menu) but I would have enjoyed it more if the portion of pork was a little larger. I will have to go back and try their chicken curry another time.


The lunch set is served with a salad / ランチはサラダ付

Bon Appetit!


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