Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pepperocino Flavored Noodles / ペペロンチーンノインスタントラーメン

The other week when we went walking around Soshigaya, we stopped in a little dagashiya (it's like a neighborhood candy store). We bought a few snacks and I also bought a Dr. Pepper (most Japanese think it tastes terrible). But we couldn't pass up this Italian spiced instant noodle. The package says you could either eat it as a regular ramen or as a pasta depending on the way you prepare it. For ramen, just like any other cup noodles, add hot water and then wait three minutes. To make it as a pasta, add hot water. Wait three minutes. Then drain the water. Add half the broth and mix well. You can then add hot water to the rest of the broth and enjoy it as a soup. We ate it as a ramen. Quite delicious!


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