Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Walk around Soshigaya / 祖師ヶ谷の散歩

Sunday, March 23, (oh, I guess it would be Easter Sunday in the States), it was another beautiful day for a walk. Today we decided to walk around what's called Ultraman's Town (I bet my brother is jealous!). Okay, it wasn't we who decided but me, and my wife agreed because she knows I love Ultraman and all the spin-0ff shows it produced. We left our apartment around one in the afternoon, strolling along the walking trail where we came upon cherry blossom tree in full bloom.

日曜日、3月23日、(アメリカでイースターサンデイだ!) 今日も散歩日和の日だ。今回歩きまわる所はウルトラマンの街、祖師ヶ谷 (俺の兄貴はうらやましがるだろうな)。二人で決めたのではなくて、俺個人が行きたかっただけ。ウルトラマンが好きだったから。美香子が私の趣味をわかってるから文句言わずに、一緒に来てくれた。午後一時位に出掛けて、また緑道を歩きながら桜の木を見た。

I thought there was another type of cherry blossom tree to that I took a picture of but it turned out to be a plum tree.


As we were headed to the bus stop - you didn't think we were going to walk to Soshigaya from our apartment did you? Although we could have. Anyway, we met up with my friend 21Ban and his wife and their two and half month old daughter, Rino-chan.

Once we reached Soshigaya, I had to take pictures of all the Ultramans I found:

After walking around Soshigaya and it's Ultraman Shoten-gai, we headed back home (by bus). It was nearing dinner time so we decided to eat at a ramen chain shop (because the price is really cheap) called Hinotaka. I ordered the tantan-men while Mikako ordered the regular chuka soba and we both ordered the garlic-filled gyoza. Delicious!!


On our way back along the walking trail, I had to take another picture of some flowers because they just looked beautiful!


And so ends another day of walking.


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