Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ern's Dream Car / 夢の車

Here is a mini of my dream car. This model is a 1965 Ford Mustang. My actual dream car is the 1967 convertible where the tail-lights curve inwards. Unfortunately, my first real car was a total junker that my brother talked me into buying. It never ran either. The first car I bought though was a little red Toyota that I called the Hell Mobile. It used to give off a cloud of white smoke whenever I started it up. I think it died a slow painful death when I sold it to a friend of mine who didn't even have a driver's license!!

これは俺(あっ、失礼)私の夢の車、ミニカー。このモデルは1965のフォード・ムスタング。本当に欲しかったモデルは1967のオーペンカー。残念ながら、自分の最初の車は兄貴の説得でボロイやつを買ってしまた。全然走れなかったよ! 次の車は赤いダッツンでヘル・モビル(地獄車だよ)と名付けられた。なぜなら、エンジンをかけると白い煙がいつも出てた。あの車は静かに、苦しんで、死んだ。500ドルで無免許の友達に売った。

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JHON SYKES、私は好きです。