Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eric's Burger / エリックス・ハンバーガー

This is my favorite hamburger shop in Tokyo (so far). It's called Eric's Burger and is located in my neighborhood. As you can see, it's located in a residential area so it isn't easy to find. Oh, but the burgers here are just heaven. For lunch, I ordered the "Cowboy's Cheeseburger" which includes onion rings in the toppings. Mikako ordered the "Popeye Cheeseburger" which is topped with spinach instead of lettuce. The buns this shop uses is just so light and fluffy, if you eat here, you won't want to go to McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's to get your burger fix.


Doesn't that look delicious? If I wasn't diabetic I would order two!!


Not only are the burgers great here, the side order of onion rings is some of the best I've had in a long time. The onion is lightly battered and doesn't fall apart like the one's served at Burger King.



We decided to have lunch again at Eric's Burger so I thought I would add more pictures to this post. I wanted to a picture of the entrance so you would get a better idea of what the shop is like. Mikako once again ordered her usual Popeye Cheeseburger. I decided to order the lunch special which consisted of a Malibu Chicken Burger with a side order of chili. We also had onion rings again too. Check below for the Malibu Cheeseburger and check out the new pictures too.


Mm-mm, that was good!

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