Tuesday, February 19, 2008

王将 / Oushou

I'm back, this time to tell you about a little chain restaurant that I would definitely take my brother to if he can ever find himself flying across the big blue water. The restaurant is called Oushou. You see, my bro, he's a big fan of gyoza (you're not going to make me use the old Americanized pot-stickers are ya?). Of course not. Anyway, when we were little, I used to hate gyoza. I thought it was one of the nastiest foods ever. Then I became an adult and moved to Tokyo. Now, I can't live without my gyoza. It's almost a given that you would order some with your ramen. Anyway, Oushou is a pretty much a fast-food Chinese outlet. Not like McD's mind you. I used to always order the gyoza set which came with six pieces of gyoza (which is a one person serving at this restaurant), plus a bowl of rice, a small plate of kimchee, soup, and a croquette (it used to be served with a couple of chicken nuggets). However, after being diagnosed with diabetes, I now split the one-person serving of gyoza with my wife. That means just 3 pieces! But what I usually order when I go to Oushou is the buta-kimu plate (sauteed pork and kimchee) with a bowl of rice and gyoza.
Doesn't this look delicious?  

And when my brother and his wife do eventually come to visit Tokyo, I also want to take them to the Gyoza Stadium in Ikebukuro. Of course, I will probably eat more than three pieces of gyoza there.


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