Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Scenic Scenes from the Maldives

Can you tell I'm in a vacation mood? Everytime Mikako and I look at these pictures, we keep wondering to ourselves if we'll ever make it back to the Maldives. Of course we want to visit other places too but this was our first real vacation together, and this was before we got married.
It's been about four years now but its still fresh in our minds. Most of my friends have already seen these pictures but I thought I would share them again with any new blog readers I may have picked up.

Here I am standing in front of our temporary home for five glorious days in the summer of 2004. This was five months before the huge tsunami hit these islands and wiped this place out. They were out of business for a little over a year. But with their renewal after the tsunami, they have expanded and added quite a few more water bungalows and more activities (I read it on their homepage). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all inclusive in our package tour. My friends were amazed that I didn't take any pictures of all the food we ate. It was mostly an Italian buffet as the owner of this particular resort were Italians.

This is the view of our water bungalow I took while wading around our little neighborhood. The restaurant is located in the center of the island, along with a large swimming pool. We went to the pool only once though, it was more fun to snorkel and swim in the actual ocean. Now that I've made you all jealous and made myself sad - because I also have to work tomorrow morning,
I think it's time for me to go to bed.
Good night.

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